To Be A Dumb Truck Driver Is Not An Easy Task – These Guys Have It Down To A T!

When you`re driving some of the largest vehicles on the road, you really have to be careful to not be a dumb truck driver like these people.

The first rule they should teach you once you start working with a truck is not to overload it, and apparently these guys missed that lesson. In this video, there`s a bunch of people who put so much stuff on their trucks it`s not even funny when they tip over while trying to work their hydraulics – it`s just sad, instead.

Some have even doubled down, as in, they`ve loaded double or more of the truck`s payload. What happens when you do that? Nothing good! You either tip over while you`re driving, unloading or have just finished loading a minute earlier and the truck is freshly overloaded.


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