Dustin Harrison & His 2.6 Cummins Powered 4×4 Dodge Truck “Strung Out II” In Some PULLING ACTION!

Not everyone understands the pulling battles. But those who do, and happen to read this article, know that we only present the best! That`s why you will not regret for clicking here! Now, it would be great if you could fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one awesome pulling sight, which involves a great deal of power and of course A LOT of black smoke coming out directly from the hood!

Anyhow, in the following video you are going to watch the performance of Dustin Harrison and his mighty “Strung Out II”, a truck modified by APEX DIESEL. This particular Dodge 4×4 pick-up truck is set in motion by a 2.6 Cummins engine. Sadly, we do not possess any further information regarding the horsepower, torque or turbo(s). But if you know something more, don`t hesitate to enlighten us!

If you are into the pulling battles, you most certainly know what follows. But if you are not that much, yet want to see more, this is the right place to be! Because this is the video that offers one of the best performance and also sounds ever, packed in one!

Video Credits: Brock’s Pulling Photos and Videos



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