Eau Claire Truck Show Presents – Bounty Hunter! The Only Roadster Big Semi Truck out There

When we talk about Bounty Hunter Trucks, usually we mean about those Monster Jam Trucks with big wheels that can do a lot of damage in the arena at the Monster Jam World Finals, but today we are going to see another one, a bit different than what we are use to. A big semi truck that possess the ability to split its cabin in two!

This big-semi truck was introduced at the Eau Claire Truck Show. A pretty great event which offers a huge demonstration show for its spectators. A lot of different and awesome trucks are in display here. Beside trucks, there are also different kinds of tractors. And people who sign up to demonstrate their rides here have a lot to offer. And, from all the astonishing feats these guys are presenting, today we are going to separate one. We are going to be focused today on a big semi truck that has the ability to split its cabin in two!

It is a video of a big Semi Truck with a mechanism that makes it a `unique roadster`. Instead of the driver to open the windows and let some fresh air in, this guy has something entirely else in mind. With his awesome ingenious expertise at engineering he managed to accomplish the following. The entire cabin and the hood is going way up in the air, letting the driver to be able to get enough fresh air from a hard days work. Talk about some relaxation and unwinding?

What the reason is and how did this guy came up with an idea like this, we don`t know. But whatever the reason is, you just got to salute this guy for the accomplishment. Because, the mechanism must be pretty complex. And also, he designed it because he could!
I do not know what is the point of all this, but I`m sure it offers a lot of fun.



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