EPIC RHINO RESCUE! Digger Rescued This Poor Animal Stucked In A Water Hole!

Even though we are hardcore gearheads, every now and then we like to go off topic. This is exactly what we are doing today by sharing this video with you guys. Today you will get to see one person possibly saving a rhino`s life! This remarkable rhino rescue was filmed in South Africa, more specifically in Kwazulu-Natal, and it goes to show that good people are still out there! The video shows a ranger that helps the poor animal by using a digger. As you will see in the video, the animal is stuck in mud, and it probably got stuck trying to find some water.

Luckily, this rhino was saved by a park ranger that used a digger to remove the mud which the animal was almost completely submerged in! As it turns out, shortage of rain had dried up many watering holes in the par where this particular rhino lived. In its search for water, it got stuck in the mud.

Anyways, it was freed from the mud after two hours of digging. In the end, the rhino started attacking the digger, but the experienced ranger just backed off and let the animal free itself from the mud! Enjoy the good deed of the ranger and watch the rhino rescue in the video below!

Moose are also endangered. However, this man saved a moose that went through ice into a frozen lake!



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