EVIL Big Tire Diesel Truck Rips Up The Track!

When we’re on the topic of racing, I think that just about everybody who is interested in the scene is ready to see something different. Sure, the combinations that come together to be the fastest do have all eyes pointed on them but when something like this diesel powered big tire pickup rolls up to the line at a no prep, you can guarantee that folks are dropping what they’re doing in order to get a look at this creation that’s unlike too many others on the premises.

This time, surprisingly, we’re checking out a machine that isn’t necessarily the event’s fastest but thanks to its unique setup, managed to stir up quite the pot of attention when it made its way down the lanes at the Outlaw Armageddon no prep this past weekend propelled by none other than a diesel engine. That’s right, this old school pickup was laying down some coal as it pushed its way down the eighth mile, taking no prisoners as it left a Ford Mustang in its wake.

This thing is a bundle of fun to say the least! We have to tip our hats to the guys behind this one because they really did do a magnificent job of throwing something different into the mix to compete. Kudos to someone who was brave enough to try something different and execute on a level that would allow them to go home with the win. You have to remember that there’s a reason that a lot of people run the same thing over and over again – because it works. With that in mind paving a path that’s all your own as this diesel machine has is something that should definitely be admired. Be sure to tell us what you think of the punch packed by this one of a kind creation!



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