What to Expect with Duramax Suburban

When you take a look at what all the auto manufacturers are doing with their trucks these days, some really amazing things are happening. As you might have noticed, the prices on trucks are sneaking up quite a bit, pushing their way toward that six-figure range on the top end of the spectrum and you can definitely see the improvement in quality and features offered with these higher-priced tags. However, there is still one segment that a lot of people probably wish existed but simply doesn’t. At one time, it was an option but since the Ford Excursion died off, there really hasn’t been too much in forms of diesel-powered SUVs.

This time, enter the 2017 Duramax powered Chevrolet Suburban. If you were wondering if maybe you missed this option in Chevrolet’s marketing, well, it wasn’t ever there in the first place so you didn’t miss out on anything.

Instead, the company known as Duraburb, yeah, the one that takes pretty much any SUV from General Motors and stuffs a Duramax diesel engine in it, got their hands on the 2017 suburban and went to town with it. Not only did they completely swap over the gasoline powered engine to the more stout diesel engine but this thing also has quite an array of features that you might not even find in Duramax powered pickup trucks!

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll get the entire rundown, outlining exactly when you can expect if you shell out the money for one of these beasts. With all of this custom work comes quite the hefty price tag, we’re sure, and it really leads you to wonder why exactly GM doesn’t consider making something like this themselves. Who knows, it might even be a hit with the growing popularity of diesel engines these days.

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