F1 Pit Stop in the Woods Almost Ends in Crew Being Mauled by a Bear!

This is one clip that is well-conceived and it took me a few seconds to differentiate reality from a clever marketing strategy. For some bizarre reason, the pit crew of Brawn GP does a nondescript pit stop in the middle of the woods and then a bear comes out of nowhere to get in on the action!

This is the product of a sneaky marketing campaign for MIG BANK Ltd. At first glance, it looks like a bear decided to appear for the shoot uninvited and it had me fooled, but the end of the video revealed that it’s just an ad. It was then that I figured somethings not right and a few questions popped up: Why on earth is the Formula One team doing a pit stop in the woods? Why were the crew members moving so slow? Why do they have to run when it seems the bear has been with the cameramen the whole time?

If this were to happen in real life, we will surely lose our minds! Check out the amazing video below as the guys did a great acting job making it appear that they were about to be mauled by a wild bear.



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