First Ever Mud Truck Backflip

As some of you might know, mud trucks aren’t designed to hit big jumps, they’re designed to drive through deep mud holes and not get stuck. Most people wouldn’t even think about launching their expensive mud truck into the air, let alone attempt to do a backflip! It sounds like a lot of fun, but with the amount of money these guys have into these trucks, it’s not worth screwing around.

The trucks that you see at motocross events and Monster Jam events are monster trucks. These monster trucks are specifically designed to take the abuse of jumping high into the air and landing hard, which is why you see them doing backflips, running over cars, and performing other crazy stunts. When a mud truck, designed to crawl through deep mud holes, you know there is going to be a massive crowd to witness either a successful attempt, or an epic fail.

In 2013 the first ever recorded backflip attempted by a mud truck was done at the Michigan Mud Jam event. Cory Rummell risked damaging his mud truck to become the first mud truck to perform a backflip, and wow did he succeed. The only thing that really went wrong was that, on impact, the truck’s Rockwell axel bent. If you know anything about off-road parts, Rockwell is a well known manufacturer in the industry to make very robust military axels, so that should give you an idea of how much force and stress was being put on, not just the axel, but the whole truck.

Even though the truck’s rear axle couldn’t handle the abuse and the truck’s rear wheels bent out, the truck stayed in tact throughout the jump and he completed the first recorded successful backflip in a mud truck. Cory, you made mud truck history, and we salute you!




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