Florida Homeowner Shoots at AT&T trucks Because They Were Parked Outside His Home

Have you ever seen a situation simply struggled to grapple with what somebody was thinking? There are tons of situations posted to the Internet every day that end up being head scratchers, leaving you to wonder exactly what the person in control was doing with themselves and wondering what went wrong to provoke such a reaction to a situation that seems like it’s not really a big deal. When we tell you all about this one, you’re probably going to think that something deeper had occurred, but as of now, it looks like it’s just the very surface level reason that this guy ended up shooting at the AT&T trucks outside of his residence.

It seems like this Florida homeowner was simply upset at the trucks for being parked outside of his home, at the end of his driveway. To solve this problem, he would pull out a revolver and start firing away at the trucks, shooting out every single tire before shooting at the engine bays and allegedly shooting at one of the workers as he sat in a bucket above one of the trucks, unable to come down because of the armed man. It’s really a scary situation as this guy appears to have simply snapped, pulling out the weapon and going to town for such a trivial reason.

The NY Daily News reports that “The former Miami-Dade firefighter was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and felony vandalism. The outlet reported Jove was released from jail on Thursday after posting $30,000 bond.”

Something tells us if there’s a little something more to the story that needs to be included to make it all make sense because as of now, it really looks like this 64-year-old is going to be paying the price for something that is nothing more than maybe a slight inconvenience. Who knows, maybe they knocked out the wrong channel at the wrong time and he missed the fourth quarter of his favorite football team’s game!



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