Follow This Tutorial’s Steps And Make Your Own Custom Digital Dash For Under $100!

Digital Dash-Make Your Own One With Under $100 : Easy Tutorial!

Digital Dash – These two young guys know pretty much about them and they will teach you how to make your very own one as cheaper as possible,like under $100 : Impossible?
Follow This Tutorial’s Steps And Make Your Own Custom Digital Dash For Under $100!Someone that doesn’t know much about digital dashs after seeing them for the first time will think that this thing will cost a lot but these 2 young guys knows well how to decrease their price in under than $100.Do you want one for that amount of money? This is how they did it.

Hi Folks and speed enthusiasts out there! Today we brought you an amazing DIY tutorial about digital dashs.Don’t even say a word how you cannot afford one because we will learn together how to make your own one with under than $100 and this is nearly unbelievable.The guys from “OffBeat Garage” youtube channel will tell us how to buy its parts one by one and how they will cost just $66 like that.This is amazing and personally I’ve ordered those parts already!

Digital Dash is one of the coolest mods that you can do to your track day car.It offers you a nice digital display in front of your eyes while you are racing or driving your beloved vehicle.We invite you to check out the video below and see as these two young guys will tell step by step how to create your very own one cheap and easy.Don’t forget to share it with your friends and enjoy!




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