Ford 302 vs. 350 Chevy Engine Comparison – What Do you Think?

Engine Battle Between Chevy and Ford.

The battle between Chevrolet and Ford is an Eternal Battle. They are eternal rivals, manufacturing great cars and both of them have very different, but in fact, quite similar cars.

Both of them have quite similar engines, but absolutely different customers. We saw a lot of tests between Chevy and Ford, many line-ups between Mustangs and Corvettes, but to understand which car fits you better you need to drive it.

There are a lot of such eternal rivals in Global Automotive, for example, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both of them are tough, but somebody likes Mercedes, somebody loves BMW dynamics. The same situation is in our case.

Somebody is Loyal to Ford, and somebody gives his sympathies to Chevy. Sincerely Ford has a better design, at least I like Ford exterior more than Chevies. But today we will not speak about steel beds, or aluminum beds, payload, dynamics and design. Today we have in focus the may part of the vehicle, the heart of the vehicle. We will compare Chevrolet`s 350 and Ford 302 Engines.If you are not addicted to cars, then you will never understand which engine is 302 and which is 350.



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