Ford Diesel Truck Shows a Mustang How the Quarter Mile is Done

Missed shifts can cost you.

It’s very common to see Fords, especially Mustangs line up for a quarter-mile run. What you don’t see nearly as often are Mustangs matching up with a Ford 6.4 Diesel trucks and certainly even less frequently would you see a Mustang lose to such a vehicle.

But bear in mind that these powerstroke 6.4s have can get a tune that will ramp up output to about 500hp and 1,000 lbs of torque. It certainly looks like it could be the case here, however, this result of this race came down to poor driving.

The Mustang gets off to a great start quickly falters after missing the second gear shift. The truck, conversely, gets off the line slowly but quickly recovers and more than makes up for it down the stretch, running an 11.856 @ 124.77 mph.


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