Ford F350 Truck On Huge 54 Inch Tires Takes On The Snow!

Ford F-350 Truck on HUGE 54 Inch Tires Takes on the Snow!

When it comes to heavy snow like we saw in much of the east coast this past week, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job if you decide to try and endure the elements.

Something tells us that whoever is driving this Ford F-350 will have no issues with the chilly white stuff whatsoever. In fact, a rig like this is practically begging for it.

Clad in 54-inch tires, this Ford is strapped to the nines and ready to take on the snow and whatever else nature might be ready to throw at it.

Check out the monstrous ride in the video below as it struts its stuff in a parking lot and even takes on a rather large snow drift, making the mound look tiny!



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