Ford F354 Monster Truck vs. Johnson Valley Rocks

This is a pretty cool ride, and on this episode of Dirt Every Day, it’s about to get even cooler! Starting life as a long bed, crew cab Ford F350 pickup that was bought from a government surplus auction by the Dirt Every Day guys and immediately given the fitting nickname Crewford. First order of business was getting Crewford on some bigger tires, something to compliment the truck’s extreme wheelbase. Not much else went into the truck other than trimming the fenders to fit the new tires. Well that’s all about to change. Hit the play button below and watch as Crewford undergoes a drastic overhaul.

First up, an upgraded transfer case and much bigger tires. The tires are so big that the fenders have to be cut several inches to make room for the 54” meats. The guys also install a 6” lift, all new shocks and new driveshafts. From there, it was time to take the newly enlarged pickup out to the desert to put it to the test. Without any upgrades to the small block Ford power plant, the guys knew the substantial truck was going to be struggling to get through the obstacles in the rock climb area of Johnson Valley, so they hit the sand dunes first, giving them a little time enjoying their new project before taking to the rocky trails where there’s a greater chance of parts breakage.

However, deciding not to upgrade the engine might have been the right call, as the amount of power on tap was just enough to keep the truck moving, but not enough to break anything in the drivetrain. That will likely be the next area to be modified, though, so look for Crewford to have more power and a higher chance of breaking stuff next time they take him out!



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