Ford Powerstrokes Go To War In A Tug Of War Battle – Platinum Vs. F450!

The tug-of-war is a classic battle that puts all kinds of machines back-to-back to see which one has the most pulling power. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, this form of competition really puts a beating on the trucks at hand and there will always be a winner and a loser!

This time, our buddies over at Triple-X Motorsports take us on a ride as some of the meanest trucks around go at each other’s throats to see which one possesses most of the aforementioned traits that it takes to be successful in a competition like this one.

Prominently of the bunch, we check out a couple of newer Powerstroke powered Ford pickup trucks that try to bring new muscle to the scene and show off what some new age diesel performance can really do. We have to say that these things really manage to hold their own out there amongst the competition.

Check out all of the action for yourself in the video below and be sure to chime in with what you think about these pulling machines. What do you think is the ideal combination to have if winning at one of these tug-of-war battles is your goal in mind?



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