Ford Recalls More Than 400,000 Vehicles For Safety And Compliance Issues!

This week Ford announced that they would be recalling approximately 400,000 vehicles on Wednesday June 28th 2017 due to safety and compliance issues. fortunately, no accidents or injuries have been reported, but through testing at their facility they have found cause for concern and aim to keep their consumers as safe and protected as possible.

The recall is specifically for Ford transit vans, buses and police interceptor utility vehicles that were manufactured between 2014 and 2017. The company commented that the rear mounting points for their seats will be replaced at no cost to their consumers. It is often bad for business to recall vehicles, but Ford has shown that they like to take measures before accidents and injury happen. hopefully this recall does not make anyone skeptical about purchasing Ford vehicles!

We cannot fault a company for looking out for their consumers! To get more information o nthe situation click the video below!


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