Ford SuperDuty vs. Chevy Silverado HD Pickup – Payload Test!

Ford F250 and Chevy Silverado Test.

As a truck potential driver what are the main characteristics of your future vehicle you will put as primary? I suppose, that you will pay your attention on durability and power. Comfort and High-end features are the last things you search in the truck. Moreover, if we are speaking about Heavy-Duty and Super-Duty trucks. For such kind of trucks utility must the on the first place. Of course, when we are speaking about American trucks, we imagine the eternal rivals: Ford F-series, and Chevrolet Silverado.

There were a lot of tests, that show us the difference between those two models. Even though Ford has aluminum bed it is still bestseller in this segment. However, if Ford would continue this way – in just few years Silverado will become a confident leader.Today`s test will show us how much payload can carry each of those titans, and how will they handle that? The load is 2400lbs of concrete and a 10,000lb construction trailer with 400lb tongue load. First test is to put in the truck a lot of 2400 lbs of concrete.

That`s a serious load, but Chevy handles is very well, when Ford has some difficulties with that. The core of the Chevy`s durability is new chasis. But that`s not all. Let`s couple out loaded trucks with 10.000 lbs construction trailer. Look at this awesome Silverado, it holds the straight and even position, when Ford is ready for take-off. His nose is raised up in the sky. Such position leads to problems with steering and may cause crash.

Anyway it`s up to customer to decide which truck is better. Actually, Ford has design, it has his own Super Duty style, when Silverado has an average design, and he doesn`t attracts attention, but from other hand Chevy is durable and tough, like a real male.



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