Ford Truck Gets Ken Block-ified

After Ken Block’s highly successful Hoonicorn project, a project that saw a 1965 Ford Mustang get turned into an absolute monster, all-wheel drive lunatic with 845 horsepower. Many have wonder what Ken Block’s next Hoonicorn style build should be.

We already know that Block will be using a Ford Escort in the next Gymkhana. But what should he use after that. It’s not too early to start speculating and creating rumors right?

What you see before you is a rendering done up by Khyzyl Saleem, a 22-year old artist that renders some pretty impressive concepts that we’d love to see brought to reality. His latest project is right up Block’s alley.

Taking a sixth-generation Ford F-Series pickup truck, and then digitally grafting on a wide-body kit from a Toyota AE86 drift car, the pickup looks stunning. In fact, it looks ready to slay all tires in true Ken Block fashion.

Now if only it were real.




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