Is This The Future Of Farming? Check Out This Amazing Autonomous Tractor Concept!

If you have ever read news about what the future might look like, then you must have heard about the fear of overpopulation. What this means is that there will be too many people on the planet and not enough food to feed everyone.

Luckily, one company has thought about this, and they have released a possible solution to this problem. CNH Industrial has presented their autonomous tractor concept that is independent and driverless. If this concept ever becomes a reality, it will completely change the farming world! It can be controlled remotely, offering the opportunity of 24 hour farming.
In the video that we have for you today, you will see the myriad of opportunities the autonomous tractor concept can provide. These tractors are able to drive on its own to the field on a mapped road.

You will be able to sit at home and remotely control these tractors to different locations. Furthermore, you will be able to constantly monitor their work, being able to change parameters at any time.

With this kind of equipment, farmers will have an easier time producing food from their land. The opportunities this concept provides are endless, and you can see many of them in the video below. Cheers!



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