Gas Powered RC Grave Digger! MUST WATCH This Thing In Action! Just Amazing!

I am sure you have already watched the original Grave Digger Monster Truck on the Drag Race, Pulling and Mud Shows. Well, this guy made a 1/4th Scale Gas Powered RC Grave Digger and it is really cool! Please don`t be jealous to him as he made probably the ultimate toy car a man can have! This is actually that one toy that you would have love to have when you were a kid, and you would definitely like it now as an adult!

What impressed us even more when it comes to this Gas Powered RC Grave Digger is the sweet cure for our ears that comes from it! Pay attention to the sound! It has a Stinger 609-mini V8 engine and it sounds even better then some real modern V8 engines. It is going to make your jaw drop! We can tell about us, we didn`t expect such sound to come out of such vehicle! The reason why sounds that good is explained by the motor’s price! Wonder how much it would cost you? $7,400…anyway you could buy a real V8 engine with that amount! But it doesn`t matter, because this way you really have something unique and you know someone else is hardly likely to have one!

However, this RC monster car has some issues with the transfer case shafts. The upper shaft is rotating but sadly the bottom one is not. We hope that they are going to fix this problem as soon as possible so we can see more of this vehicle! Check this thing in action and tell us what you think!



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