When You Get Your First Pre-Runner and Things Dont Go as Planned

If you want to put together a vehicle for just about any application whether it be in straight-line action, catching big air in the dunes, or maybe even sideways drifting action, the automotive aftermarket delivers a whole plethora of parts that you can apply to your very own personal machine to get it moving more efficiently, strengthening up all of the parts so that you can more effectively beat on it a little bit. What’s the fun in spending all that money when you can’t go out there and harass your machine with a little bit of extra throttle?

Even though you may put together a car or truck that is built for a specific application, that isn’t to say that it’s necessarily bulletproof, either, though. Even after being highly modified, you’ll see a wide variety of machines out there that have been pushed a little bit past where their limits lie. This is where you discover weak points and are able to go out there to figure out what to buy next, strengthening up the parts of your machine that are going to be under extreme pressure. Sometimes, finding these weak points is a lot easier than other times as it may come at convenient times when it isn’t so painful to go through.

Follow along down the video below as this modified Pre-runner heads out to get tangled in a little bit of action and apparently pushes itself right on past where its limits are set. Unfortunately, it looks like this little bit of part abuse trial and error ended up being a painful one. I wish that we could find a bright spot here but it also looks like it’s going to be quite an expensive repair. I guess that the lone silver lining that we could really put out there after watching this one is that the driver didn’t appear to get hurt in the process, or at least it would seem. Just imagine a failure like this if you were trying out a jump that was much larger than the one at hand.



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