This Girl’s reaction to Fast Duramax Launch is Pure Gold!

While the untrained eye might never suspect a truck to pack a punch, here in the performance community, we know that diesel trucks really have come such a long way and can provide a huge mound of muscle when it comes to performance with their big power and massive gobs of torque.

This time, we ride along in a twin turbo Duramax powered Chevrolet Silverado owned by Jakob Hernig and based off of his passenger’s reaction, this thing really has some muscle behind it as it launches off of the line and she nearly loses her mind when she feels how hard this thing hits.

Thanks to a conveniently placed video camera, we’re able to ride along with the demonstration of the truck that completely floors this young lady. Be sure to check out the video down below for yourself that will throw you back in your seat once you press play!

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