This GMC Mega Truck Goes HUGE! Jumping over 8 Mega Trucks and a Rock Bouncer!

Scott Green, owner and driver of the Sail mega truck, has built himself quite a reputation for taking, and landing, some massive jumps in his truck. HIs latest stunt is his biggest jump to date and has gotten all kinds of buzz in the off-roading community.

Green, who is based out of Milstadt, Illinois, travels the country to some of the biggest, rowdiest off-road events, looking for any opportunity to get behind the wheel of his mega truck. The truck, dubbed “Sail” almost certainly due to the amount of time it spends in the air, is a 1993 GMC 1500, or at least that’s what it started as.

There isn’t too much of the original truck left, though, as it’s been beefed up from top to bottom with a jungle gym of chassis and suspension bars, all of which serve to stiffen the truck and make it survive these insane jumps and devastatingly hard landings.


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