This Guy Got Stuck In The Mud ON PURPOSE & Can’t Believe He Pulled Out! Was the Driver or the Truck?

Going off road is never boring, isn`t it? Also, off road adventures are like no other! They offer a unique type of fun and you can do things which are impossible to do on the track, for instance. However, if you lack experience, the off road adventure can easily turn in a nightmare.

Or if you don`t possess the right gear. Not having the right equipment can be a problem. But this is not the case with the driver you are about to watch.

Unlike “regular” people who go on an off road trip fully equipped, the guy in the video below not only he does not have any additional equipment on his vehicle, but he “jumps” with his SUV right in the mud on purpose! But on the second thought, he does not really need any!

Why so, you may wonder? Because, his SUV is so powerful that he made several maneuvers, pushed the pedal to the metal a few times and he went out!

This easy way out was possible thanks to the mighty machine below the hood. Judging by the sound, and the way it goes back and forth, we think that it has around 450 horsepower!



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