What Happens If You Accidentally Push The START Button While Driving?

With the technology advancing every day, new features are implemented in the new cars as well.Car manufacturers have created a lot of useful things on their new vehicles that make every driver feel more comfortable.For example, a lot of new cars have the start button as the first step to start your engine.Different from the old ones that need to put the traditional key in it in order to be started.

But, with the new inventions come the new questions and the problems that they may cause to us and to our car as well.For example, have you ever thought what can happen if you accidentally push the start button while driving at highway speed?

Of course, you have not, just like this guy from the AutoVlog Youtube channel didn’t until one day, trying to pick up his phone he almost pushed the button.He thought to try it and to tell the world what can happen if you do that.His car is a brand new Ford Fusion Titanium and of course, it has a start button.He tried to push the button while driving at 15 mph and the car turned off and then he decided to try this while driving over 60 mph.Check out what happened and tell us what do you think about it.Have you ever tried with your car? Share it with your friends and enjoy!



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