Hater Burns Student’s Truck Flag, Has No Idea What Students Are About to Unleash on Him


Utah student Ben Schofield found out about the vandalism to his vehicle when a friend sent him a photo on popular social media app Snapchat showing that an American flag he had displayed on his truck, and part of the truck itself, had been burned.

“I had the flag flying normally — he took a picture and was like ‘Merica or whatever and then I get another one maybe an hour or so later and he’s like someone burned your flag,” Schofield explained to KSTU.

“Well, I was pretty mad,” he added. “I was pacing back and forth.”

Schofield replaced the flag on the back of his truck, but he wasn’t alone. Many other students arrived to school flying flags on the backs of their trucks to show support for Schofield and for the American flag.

“I think its really important. It’s not just the material part of the flag, it’s the meaning behind it,” Schofield stated. “We’re just showing that we can fly our flags and we always will.”


The school district stated that it did know who burned the flag and planned to take disciplinary action against that person. It was not immediately clear what sort of action that would entail, but hopefully they will at least make the student pay for the damage caused by the fire.

You can watch local coverage of the incident here:

It was also not immediately clear whether those responsible would be criminally charged.

The students at this school showed that they weren’t going to let some punk stop them from displaying their patriotism. That’s the true American spirit — standing up to those who want to put an end to our way of life, including the free exercise of the First Amendment.

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