Head 2 Head: Humvee Banks Power Armored vs Stock M1116 HMMWV!

Head 2 Head: Humvee Banks Power Armored vs. Stock M1116 HMMWV!
Another episode of Head 2 Head where Jonny Lieberman talks about the so called American Icon- the HUMVEE! However, AM General`s Humvee as we all know, used to serve the American Military since 1984!

Unfortunately, this beast got a little slower and clumsier after 3 tons of armor plating was added to it! There were plenty solutions, one was to replace it with a new truck, whereas another one comes from Banks Engineering!!!

They would actually add a more sophisticated turbo and a revised as well as active suspension! Check out what Gale Banks from Banks Engineering has to say on this topic!



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