Here’s A Handmade 20,000RPM Nitro-Powered Rotary Tool

Few tools are as versatile as the cordless rotary tool. Dremel-wielding hobbyists have been sanding, and routing, cutting and polishing their way through projects large and small for decades.

But you know what is better than batteries? Nitro. And YouTuber johnnyq90 is here to prove it with the custom-built rotary tool powered by the nitro-burning piston engine from the R/C car.

This 20-minute clip details the entire construction of this nitro-burning supertool, though this project was not without challenges.

Johnnyq90 machines nearly every component from scratch, and using precise measurements and the lathe. It takes multiple attempts, with three different nitro-burning R/C engines, and to make the functional final result.



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