Here’s Why the Incredibly Ugly Pontiac Aztek is Actually Becoming Cool

Without taking chances in pretty much any industry, I think that it’s safe to say that the industry would remain stagnant, get boring, and probably end up folding on itself before long due to inefficiency. Therefore, with a line of thought like this, you can definitely appreciate the concept behind the Pontiac Aztec but also, as you trace your finger along the line of history to the point where the Aztec was born, you can’t help but kind of scratch your head and wonder how the heck something like this ever came to be material as it was able to drive around freely in the real world.

If you ask the vast majority of people who have ever seen one or have any idea what the Aztec actually is, they’ll probably explain to you how it’s about one of the ugliest vehicles that money can buy. Both in recent years and back when the Aztec was in production, I think a lot of people kind of struggle to wrap their heads around exactly what it was the Pontiac was trying to accomplish and how this design made it through to the consumer without any red flags. However, as time goes on and this Pontiac begins to fade into a classic vehicle, there is definitely a strong argument to the cool factor of it being bolstered just a little bit by its age.

In this video, we get the full rundown of what exactly Doug DeMuro thinks of the Pontiac Aztec and leverages his opinion on why he thinks this vehicle actually is a little bit cooler than what people give it credit for. Now, the Aztec is definitely something that has lots of versatility but the day that I heard somebody call it cool is one that I thought would never come along, at least not while I’m awake and not dreaming. This is definitely an interesting perspective that would be one worth giving a listen to. Down below you can hear all the Doug has to say about this offbeat automobile.

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