This Is Why This Hitch Is The Way Of The Future – Amazing Design!

Almost everyone of us has experienced at least once the situation you needed towing a trailer behind you truck. There are two ways this situation ends:1-It can be so smooth you’ll never feel that you are towing your tralier and,2-Uncomfortable situation with a very bumpy ride.

So every company have tried to design something that will make your towing experience as smooth as possible.

Have you ever heard about “McHitch Uniglide” ? They integrated a U-joint into a trailer hitch so it will prevent the trailer bouncing around so it will take the majority of the shock.Isn’t this a great solution providing by this company?

Until now everything looks fine in theory but isn’t that too good to be true? We invite you to watch the video and see how this trailer hitch really works and we’d love to see some of your opinions in the comment section!

Check it out!

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