Holy Cow! Chevy Silverado Nosedives And Flips In This Epic Jump Fail

This Chevy truck got really unlucky it ended with some owner having probably more money than skills. Here’s an epic jump fail at the Silver Lake sand dunes featuring a Chevy Silverado that ended nosediving before eventually flipping over.

A day of fun in the sand dunes ultimately stopped thanks to some boneheaded driving that proved damaging to this Chevy Silverado too. The driver probably thought his skills could suffice a brief jump on a small hill, but he sure got totally delusional.

It was neither a crazy nor an extreme jump, but it was enough to wreck the top of the truck. Soon as the Chevy launched, it got a bad landing forcing it to topple. The Chevy actually nosedives in a manner that left it to momentarily stand through its front end before completely flipping over.

Good thing no one was hurt although the same cannot be said for the truck. In fact, when the Chevy was flipped back, it was so wrecked it needed a total body restoration.

Check the happenings for yourself through the video below.



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