A Homeless Guy Came Out The Woods And Saved A Trucker’s Life

Earlier this month, a homeless man saved the life of a trucker who experienced a medical emergency on the road.

Paul Bristol was driving his tractor trailer south on Interstate 89 near exit 12 in Williston, Vermont at approximately 1:25 p.m. when he suffered a heart attack, leaving him incapacitated.

According to the Burlington Free Press, the semi truck drifted into the left lane and scraped along the concrete guardrail for approximately 300 feet.

Fortunately, the truck came to a stop on its own 10 feet before the guard rail ended, saving Bristol from rolling into the median ditch.


James Pocock, a now homeless ex-firefighter, and EMT had been living in the woods near exit 12 for several months when he saw the truck come to a bumpy, tumultuous halt.

Pocock climbed the cab of the truck and saw Bristol had fallen between the seats and was struggling to breathe.



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