Hot Russian lady has never looked better in this crazy drift car!

Russian models are known for their sexy curvy body while walking down the runway, but it gets more attractive when you see one or them as a passenger in your drifting car.

Screaming, moving, laughing as the car speed is rising is worth watching and you will never want to miss. Who said guys are only passionate about watching cars drifting and speeding and crashing. They are also crazy about watching a Russian lady screaming, breathing and just being there in her bikinis.

But it’s all way better if you see that Russian girl inside that car that you just love watching drifting.
I’m not sure if the driver thinks the same as he stays focused but I bet you guys would have lost your way.

Now while you’re young and eager to finding adrenaline, grab your girl and give her a ride, make the moment last forever!
Don’t forget to buy her a pair of bikinis to wear, it will give the ride a whole better view!



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