Hoverbike – This Amazing New Invention Is Just Incredible : Check It Out!

A Hoverbike.

The biggest problem is Big cities is traffic. We spend our life in traffic jams. The paradox is that we buy car to get freedom to move, but actually we spend biggest part of time, burning fuel on idle, while we stay in huge jams. Some drivers even learn foreign language in traffic. Many drivers refuse cars and buy a motorbike. In fact, in most countries, Moto-season is quite short, and there is no sense in buying an expensive bike. However, even motorcycles stuck in traffic. What alternatives we have? If we are speaking about personal transport – the only way is by air. Here are some issues: first of all, high price of transport, if we speak about helicopters, that are suitable in cities their price is real high, you can get a Rolls Royce with this money. Second is parking, because you just cannot leave you helicopter on the street.

So a team of enthusiasts decided to make a motorcycle, which can fly. The core principle was to fly cheap, simple and safe. That`s why they decide to combine a quadrocopter with a motorcycle. The name they decide to give for this awesome device is a Hover Bike. It has nothing in common with the hover board, because this thing really flies, despite of a board on two wheels Hover Bike is moving you like in sci-fi movies by air.

Building this type of transport is very challenging and extremely expensive. That`s why there are only one Hover Bike built. TO understand the dynamics and movement of Hover Bike, designers and engineers built a scaled model of the real Hower Bike. This model is very compact, it is foldable, and you can take you hower bike with you anywhere. I am sure in just days we will see a lot of them cruise beyond our cars. Welcome to future!



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