How Technology Will Change the New Mustang!


New 2018 Mustang SYNC-3

When it comes to hand-free driving entertainment, few companies are as competent as Ford. SYNC-3 is their new software, which incorporates the latest technology into the 2018 Mustang. There is far more beyond making hands-free phone calls.

The SYNC-3 system can be operated remotely using a smartphone and can act as a WiFi hotspot. While unlikely in a 460 BHP Mustang, the entertainment system means there is no possibility of bored passengers.

The SYNC-3 goes beyond the original SYNC software by being more intuitive, with easy to use touch screen and voice commands. The new Mustang is a truly 21st Century vehicle, a long way from its 1960s beginnings.


Personalizable Digital Instrument Display

The great thing about the digital age is that nothing is set in stone. Since all the displays on the new 2018 Mustang are electronic, they can be customized depending on the type of driving you are doing. For example, track mode strips away the unnecessary information, so you can focus solely on your speed and revs.

The 2018 Mustang has taken a bold step into the technological world. Popular among classic car lovers, the Mustang has always been reluctant to step away from its mechanical origins. However, the technological advances take nothing away from its performance, aesthetics or charm. They simply take a great muscle car and make it even more powerful and enjoyable to drive.

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