With Human Hoist Every Mechanics Dream Come True – This Is What It Can Do!

Human Hoist

IF you are a mechanic, or enthusiast, working with cars – than you know this painful feeling of getting under the car, and standing up, when you need to take a tool from your tool trolley.

Seems to be, this is nothing special, and this is a mechanic`s routine, but this routine is pissing off, when you reapeat the same operation thousands of times. After day spent in this regime you feel, like elephants were dancing on your spine. That`s great, when you have a car –lift in your garage, but not everybody has this luxury. Some workshops have only jacks and racks. So does it mean that mechanics need to work in such terrible conditions, like cursed ones?

Yes, but only in case, they didn`t heard about human hoist. That is the most awesome device for any mechanic. By itself it`s a mechanic masterpiece. I wonder, why this magnificent device wasn’t designed a few years ago, to save a lot of spines, knees, heads and other parts of mechanic`s organism. So what is this human hoist about? Imagine a chair on castor wheel, which is fully mobile.

It looks like a space-ship commandor chair. In certain moment, when you pull the handle this chair is folding and you are lying under your car. Moreover, there are two spots for tools, and they are magnetic, so your tools will never run from you! Sound really great, but when you need to stand up, just pull the handle and the hoist becomes a chair again. That`s absolutely great feature, that saves your time, and increases efficiency.

This device is fully automatic hydraulic, this means you can adjust it easily for any needs.
I suppose, that this is a new word in this domain, and in few years we will see a lot of such human hoists in every single workshop.


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