Incredible Truck Driver Skills – 18 Wheel KENWORTH Crossing Flooded River

Brave Truck Driver.

All of us are considering truck drivers as very brutal and experienced drivers.I mean brutal, not because they are driving rough, but because they have to drive 20 tons monster, in any weather conditions. Truck drivers are very tough guys, they are driving even when most drivers are not thinking about the car.

When is snow on the streets, you can call your boss and tell him, that there is the dramatic situation on the road, and you cannot reach the office. Truck driver used to work on his truck even when is snowstorm outside, because this is his work. That`s why trucks are a lot more comfortable than any other cars, even luxury limos.

Truckers are living in their trucks – the truck room is their home. Seems to be, that nothing out of common in driving a truck, this profession is full of romantics. Well, actually, I agree with the second part, this profession is full of the romantics, but this is one of the hardest jobs in the whole World. This is high responsibility for yourself, for other drivers, and for the load, you are carrying.
When you drive 18-wheel Kenworth you can afford some maneuvers, that nobody on other light truck or car even cannot imagine. This trucker just passed the flooded river on his Kenworth. His luck was that truck was fully loaded, and it had very big weight. One thing I can see for sure. The truck driver is a very experienced man.

Because he enters in the water with permanent acceleration, but without special effects, like sparkles. He pushes the wave in front of the hood. In case truck will choose improper speed it may result with damaged engine. One more important thing, that air intake in the truck is placed quite high, so this means, that water cannot enter in the engine. The truck moves straight and firmly, and in just a few seconds he exits the flooded river and continues his journey.

That`s an unaffordable luxury for the truck driver to wait until water will become easier to pass.



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