Intense Road Rage: Woman Being Sucker Punched By Man in New South Wales, Australia

As we have seen quite a few times, most of the time, road rage isn’t really a situation that ends up paying off for you. If you feel the need to act upon your rage, I would probably recommend screaming at your steering wheel because, as we have seen, when people decide to get out of their cars and get physical, a vast majority of the time the only thing that happens is they end up looking like idiots and potentially incur charges against themselves. At the end of the day, it’s just not something that you’re going to want to get involved with if you can avoid it at all.

This time, it looks like this guy might have had just a little bit more ego than brains as he walked out of his car in traffic to react to what was apparently some sort of rage incident that went down and instead of calmly figuring out a solution to the problem, he decides to haul off and sucker punch a woman right in the face.

When we see in the video of it all happening, it’s just as ugly as it sounds. I’m not really sure who goes out in public and does things like this, but they should probably lose the rights of being in public at all. It looks like this guy’s decision making abilities just aren’t developed enough for his own good.

You can follow along with the video down below as the situation escalated mighty quickly as it was all captured on dash cam. At the end of the day, there are always two sides to a story so it would be interesting to hear this guy’s defense but, with a video like this, I’m not too sure that there is really too much that he could say to defend himself.



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