Jumping A Truck Almost 400 Feet Is As Insane As It Sounds

He cleared an entire ghost town in one jump.

Unfortunately many automotive Guinness World Records are pointless. The attempts are fun to watch but the actual records are of no real importance. This is one of the rare exceptions to the rules. Professional off-road truck racer Bryce Menzies has just set a world record for the longest jump in a truck at 379.4 feet.

Red Bull sponsored the attempt, which took place at a New Mexico ghost town. In fact, Menzies actually jumped the entire town. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Menzies crashed the truck while practicing for a televised jump.

He broke his shoulder and heavily damaged his truck. We can’t embed the Red Bull video but you can watch this short clip of the record run here. Photos by Garth Milan for Red Bull.


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