Did We Just Watch the RedneX Games?

“You may be a redneck if you spent more on your pick up truck than on your education.” – Jeff Foxworthy What does it look like to pull a 36,000 lbs.

cement mixer up a hill? Couldn’t something like this cause serious damage to the truck doing all of the heavy lifting? It’s entirely possible, but not when the truck is properly outfitted to do the job.

The Tow Truck test takes place on a dirt hill that’s roughly 13 feet in elevation over a 150-footh length with a maximum angle of nearly 16 degrees. And that’s all been made much more difficult thanks to that heavy duty cement mixer.

With just one attempt allowed for each competitor, there’s no time limit in trying their best to pull the mixer up that steep incline.

In the past we’ve seen trucks literally catch on fire in various tug-of-war contests, but the owners of these trucks clearly know what they’re doing.



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