Life Hack – This Inner Tube Exhaust Will Make Your Honda Sound Hilarious!

Turn your car into a monster just by adding this inner tuber into exhaust – If you cannot afford it ,just do it yourself!

Hi Folks! Today we will show you a very simple and easy to do trick for just one purpose : Making your car louder with an easy life hack that everyone can do in minutes.Just kidding! This inner tube exhaust will make your prius sounding like a grandma coughing lol.The guy from the video couldn’t even stay a second without laughing ,hearing his now-modified Honda making weird noises.This “amazing” way to modify your car can be a really funny prank for your friends.I’m thinking to do it to my brother’s car by night and tomorrow I’ll just sit and laugh at his car making such hilarious sounds.

You’ll watch that after the car revs,the inner tube “dances” and flaps around and what’s the most ridiculous thing here,it unleashes some weird sounds like a really pissed off horse.We have to apologise you guys because in the beginning of the article we wrote that it can make your car sound like a monster vehicle after adding that inner tube in your car exhaust.It was just sarcasm.We want to tell you another article of our website that really talks about how to make your car sound louder and you can see that article HERE!. It has pretty much the same idea as this one but after they cut that tube shorter,your old car will really make a louder noise.

Check out this funny video below and don’t forget to build a prank to your friends with that inner tube exhaust.It will be a really funny prank.If you film it don’t forget sending it to us.We’ll try to share that video in our website.Enjoy!



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