Life As a REPO Tow Truck Driver In The Ghetto Is Never Fun


On today’s episode of Tow Truckin’ Tales, our cameras follow this driver as he heads into an apartment complex to retrieve a Dodge Grand Caravan. His hopes of quietly rolling in and hooking the van are dashed when he’s spotted by the residents, who quickly alert the owner of the van – along with seemingly everybody else who calls the complex home. As he attempts to slide the boom under the van and secure it for transport, a flood of residents pour into the parking lot, including one who leaps from the balcony onto the van’s roof and another who climbs onto the hood, intent on keeping the driver from being able to leave with the ride.

Nevermind the fact that the tow truck driver is simply trying to do his job and repossess the van, since the owner has failed to make the payments, these folks refuse to let one of their own be left without a ride, whether or not he or she is legally entitled to retain possession. I can’t help but feel like my parents when I say this, but this is what is wrong with the generation. There’s no accountability, just entitlement.

When you buy a car, be it new or used, you’re entering into a legally binding agreement to make the payments as agreed upon during the purchase. If you don’t hold up your end of that agreement, you don’t get to keep your ride. It’s incredibly simple, but these folks are adamant that they are going to help the owner of this van steal it, which is exactly what they are doing by keeping it without having paid for it.

This is just one reason operating a tow truck is one of the most underappreciated professions out there, because not only do the drivers have to deal with situations like this, but many of them are basically on call 24/7 and they also have to deal with the inherent danger of operating a truck on the side of a busy roadway. It’s certainly not a job I’d want to do, especially after seeing videos like this.


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