LIKE A BOSS! Launching RC Miss Geico Speed Boat With An RC Truck! 4M VIEWS!

Check out this amazing video with the Launching of the Speed Boat With RC Truck!

We are pretty sure that most people that own an RC boat would simply put it in the water if they wanted to control it! However, someone thought that this is not good enough! Instead, this person decided to launch his RC Miss Geico boat in a very unique way! Human creativity can sometimes be really fun to watch! Even better, this whole video is made to give you a feeling that you are seeing an actual car and boat, not RC ones!

This is why we decided to show it to everyone here! Do you like those GEICO Remote Control speed boats? If yes, do you know how to launch them? Well, anyway, our friend here has tried to teach us in a very creative way! He is using an RC Car and a trailer he has built by himself in order to put the boat on it!

The video was shot in Britain, so our friend had a little trouble launching the boat because of all the swans! However, he somehow found a solution and the boat finally ran! Maybe not as smooth as he thought it would, but it is still a good job! Nonetheless, it is still incredible that someone went through all the trouble of using an RC truck to launch his RC speed boat into the water! The video of the whole thing is great as well!

It would have been a bit better to see the RC Miss Geico cruising in the water. However, only a few short instances of the RC speed boat are shown in the water. It doesn`t matter though as it is still a fun video to watch!



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