Love Rolling Coal? This US State Has Just Made It Illegal

Blame the politician driving the Nissan Leaf.

It’s called State Senate bill 2418, and it’s just been signed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. What does it involve? It makes the practice of rolling coal illegal in the state of New Jersey.

For those unaccustomed with the practice, coal rolling essentially involves modifying a diesel-powered vehicle, typically trucks and SUVs, so that it’ll spew lots of black soot and smoke into the air.

“Coal rolling increases air pollution in New Jersey and creates unsafe driving conditions on New Jersey’s already congested roadways,” stated Assemblyman Tim Eustace.For the record, Eustace drives a Nissan Leaf. Eustace got the idea for the new law after a lifted truck driving in front of him engulfed his car in a black smoke cloud.



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