Man Goes Off On Repo Guy For Trying To Tow His Truck

However, instead of handling it properly and seeing what steps he had to go through in order to get his name cleared, he decided to act like a 13-year-old would and throw a temper tantrum in the parking lot.

This is when he hopped in the truck and turned it on, laying into the throttle and trying to drive off while burning rubber on the back of the tow truck until one of his tires eventually blew up.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see the situation for yourself as it unfolds right in front of the camera lens.

I’m not really sure what his plan is here because if he really is behind on those payments, the bank isn’t going to stop until they get the vehicle back or the police show up at the guy’s front door. It doesn’t look like a plan of action was really in his head when he got to going here.

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