‘Meanest Mom’ Selling Daughter’s Truck on Craigslist

As adults, I think that many of us can look back and realize that we might have said some kind of inappropriate things to our parents when we were youngsters. Now, most of it is forgiven as a responsible adult will realize that when you say something like “my parents are the worst in the world,” that it’s only immaturity speaking. After the fact, we grow up and as we mature ourselves, we can really take an actual look from an adult’s point of view at how exactly our parents did their job at parenting. Whether it be for better or for worse is a whole other story entirely.


In this one, we take a look at the story that has what one daughter would call the “meanest mom ever.” You see, when this young lady decided that she wanted to skip school, mom wasn’t having it and right before the teen’s driver’s permit would turn into an actual license, mom would take the Dodge Ram that this youngster was supposed to drive and sell it to the highest bidder! Now, this was much to the dismay of the young lady who was supposed to have her own set of wheels when she could finally drive by herself but, as responsible adults, you can definitely see where mom was coming from on this one.

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