Meet Miss Misery: The Fastest AWD Truck in the World!

Bobby Dodrill’s Miss Misery 4WD Chevy truck graced the Outlaw Street Car Reunion IV earlier this spring and it piqued the interest of everyone at the event.  The big, boxy Chevy Silverado is arguably one of the meanest radial-equipped rides in the auto world and it absolutely stood out, even setting a record of its own. It’s now officially the fastest all-wheel-drive truck in the world!

The heavy hauler is powered by a massive 543 Cid Keith Black Olds block and a PSI C Rotor supercharger. The mill guzzles alcohol and generates somewhere in the vicinity of 2,500 horsepower. It has been mated to a Bruno/Liberty transmission and tuned by Roger Olander. With all four wheels directing power to the pavement, this badass truck really hustles down the 1/8 mile.


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