This Might Look Easy But It Is Very Dangerous – Tire Mounting With Fire Compilation!

You already know that we love cars, trucks, trains, and pretty much anything that moves. However, speed and power isn`t always what we talk about. Today, we are sharing a really interesting video, or to be more precise a compilation, of ether tire mounting! While some of you may know this process, we are sure that many of you don`t.

Allow us to explain. Ether is a highly flammable liquid (C4H10O) which is sprayed in the area between the rim and the unmounted tire. After the ether has been sprayed, all you have to do is put some fire in that specific area and BOOM, the tire is mounted.

When you put fire in the area that has been sprayed with ether, an explosion occurs. Because of the explosion, the air surrounding the rim and the tire expands, which makes the tire set around the rim. In this ether tire mounting compilation, you will see that this process is remarkably quick. Also, in most cases, it overinflates the tires and there is an excess of air coming out of them.

Nonetheless, this doesn`t stop many people from doing this crazy way of tire mounting. If you plan on doing this, we have to warn you, it is quite dangerous. With that being said, enjoy the video!



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