The Moment A Ferrari Is Ruined After Sandton Crash With Mazda CX3

A Ferrari 488 Spider has been left the shell of its former self after being involved in the horrendous crash in South Africa. Local media reports that this incident with the droptop Ferrari happened in the city of Sandton and after the Italian exotic collided with the Mazda CX3.

Few other details about this crash are known and images from the scene reveal that the Ferrari 488 Spider will inevitably be the complete write off with damage sustained to both ends and sides.

The front, for example, appears to have taken the large brunt of the collision and has been totally crushed and is barely recognizable as a face of Ferrari’s mid-engine V8 supercar. Elsewhere, this driver side rear wheel has almost been ripped entirely off a hub and yes, the whole thing is the very sad sight indeed.

For the sake of this owner, we hope they have the comprehensive insurance policy on the vehicle which will pay for its replacement. The moment a Ferrari is ruined after Sandton crash with Mazda CX3.



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