Monstrous Kawasaki Seven Cylinder 2 Stroke KH606 Bike! KILLER CUSTOM!

Whether you are into motorcycles or cars one thing remains true and that is the incredible variety of unique customs that range in style and power. Gearheads are always thinking of ways they can go faster and enhance their performance. As a result, an endless variety of impressive vehicles hit the streets, strip and track to show off.

In this video we check out an incredible custom Kawasaki KH606 that may look normal on the exterior, but look a little closer and it is clear there is nothing normal about this vicious bike! Equipped with a vicious 2 stroke 7 cylinder power plant it is capable of high speeds and it’s classic exterior makes it look good while doing it.

Unfortunately, we do not get the pleasure of seeing the bike in action! However, we do get a full walk around and overview of the Kawasaki and it is one custom build you gotta check out!

Click below to get a look at the impressive custom Kawasaki!



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